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Smoking Receptacle

Quantity in Stock:: 54 Model: LRCP257088BG
Here's a sleek, efficient way to control smoker waste. Restricted opening hides butts, controls unwanted deposits, reduces oxygen flow. Weather-resistant design cleans easily, needs no sand. Molded plastic exterior, galvanized steel interior canister, stainless steel base...
Quantity in Stock:: 66 Model: LRCPS25
Sand for smoking urns is made from silica and comes in 5-pound bags of black sand. Includes five bags...
Quantity in Stock:: 14 Model: LEXCSRSLCKKIT
Helps prevent theft and vandalism. For products Ex-Cell SRS1BLK and SRS1HCCL. Also includes in-ground anchor with washer to secure unit...
Quantity in Stock:: 163 Model: LRCP257088BLA
Groundskeeper Cigarette Waste Collector, Pyramid, 1 Gal, Plastic/steel, Black..
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