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Quantity in Stock:: 93 Model: LBWKCLEANKIT
Complete cleaning kit provides a thorough clean for multiple surfaces, including floors, sidewalks and sinks. System features a wet mop, push broom, maid's broom, handles and microfiber cloths. Launderable mop head and microfiber cloths provide durability...
Cotton Cut End Mop Kit, #24 Natural Cotton Head, 60" Yellow Metal/plastic Handle
Out Of Stock
Model: LBWK5324C
Give floors a thorough clean with economical, high-quality cotton mop heads. Mopping kits are great for heavy-duty cleaning. Easy-to-assemble kit ensures nothing stands between you and a clean floor...
Quantity in Stock:: 106 Model: LRCPJ855
Engineered with continuous filament bi-component Microfiber yarn along with blend mop yarns, providing superior cleaning efficacy. Works with standard dust mop handles and frames and withstands up to 100 launderings. Doubles the durability of standard dust mops be withstanding two times the laundry ..
Quantity in Stock:: 127 Model: LRCPH246RED
Plastic jaws firmly grip mop head. Allows quick mop changes. Ideal for 5" wide headband mops...
Quantity in Stock:: 229 Model: LRCPH246GRE
Gripper Fiberglass Mop Handle, 1" dia x 60", Green/Yellow..
Quantity in Stock:: 236 Model: LRCPH225
Gripper Mop Handle, Aluminum, Yellow/gray, 54"..
Quantity in Stock:: 979 Model: LIMP94
Janitor Style Screw Clamp Mop Handle, Fiberglass, 64", Safety Orange..
Quantity in Stock:: 702 Model: LRCPH516
Invader Side-Gate Wet-Mop Handle, 1.13" dia x 60", Wood/Steel..
Quantity in Stock:: 84 Model: LRCPH146BLU
Invader Fiberglass Side-Gate Wet-Mop Handle, 60", Blue/yellow..
Quantity in Stock:: 177 Model: LRCPH146RED
Invader Fiberglass Side-Gate Wet-Mop Handle, 60", Red/yellow..
Quantity in Stock:: 533 Model: LBWK833
Use with bolt head style lie-flat mop head. Metal-threaded connector is countersunk and riveted...
Quantity in Stock:: 2857 Model: LBWK834
Use with bolt head style lie-flat mop head. Metal-threaded connector is countersunk and riveted...
Looped End Mop Kit, Medium Blue Cotton/rayon/synthetic Head, 60" Yellow Metal/polypropylene Handle
Out Of Stock
Model: LBWK400MBC
Absorbent mop heads are launderable for long-term usage. Great, all-purpose yarn is suitable for any cleaning job. Durable handle, made from a combination of strong metal and polypropylene, makes cleaning easy...
Quantity in Stock:: 1135 Model: LBWKMFKIT
Complete cleaning kit includes everything you need to start your microfiber cleaning program. Split microfibers allow for more aggressive cleaning and removal of microscopic debris than conventional cleaning methods. Convenient telescopic handle extends from 35" - 60" and clips easily into the frame..
Quantity in Stock:: 215 Model: LRCPK15512
Dust Mop Heads, Kut-A-Way, White, 36 X 5, Cut-End, Cotton..
Quantity in Stock:: 55 Model: LBWK120C
Handle/deck Mops, 20 Oz White Cotton Head, 54" Oak Wood Handle..
Quantity in Stock:: 109 Model: LE5425498
Handle/deck Mops, 16 Oz White Cotton Head, 48" Oak Wood Handle..
Quantity in Stock:: 372 Model: LE5425499
Handle/deck Mops, 16 Oz White Rayon Head, 48" Oak Wood Handle..
Quantity in Stock:: 510 Model: LE5429613
Taskisum Disposable Microfiber Mop, 17.7 X 4.9 White Microfiber Head, 25/pack..
Out Of Stock
Model: LE5429601
Taskisum Disposable Microfiber Mop, 16 X 18.5 White Microfiber Head, 10/carton..
Quantity in Stock:: 158 Model: LE5444667
Web Foot String Mop Heads, Microfiber, Green, Medium, 5-In. Green Headband, 6/ct..
Quantity in Stock:: 12 Model: LDVOCB965166
Quick-change mop handle is extremely durable, yet lightweight for easy use. Heavy duty sanitary black plastic frame with easy trigger release allows you to quickly discard a soiled mop without touching it. Fiberglass handle is easy to sanitize...
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