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Brand: 2XL Model: LTXLL4014
Powerful enough to meet the most stringent infection control standards, yet gentle enough to be used for cleaning and disinfecting in daycares, schools, and any other facility. The newest threats of disease comes from strands that have become resistant to many disinfectant formulas used on the mark..
Brand: 2XL Model: LTXLL36R
Non-alcohol, pre-moistened wipe designed to clean sweat, oil and dirt off of soft surfaces. Soft and strong towelette neutralizes odors...
Brand: 2XL Model: LTXLL420
Contain an industry leading quat formula on a biodegradable towelette. They help fight germs while cleaning tough messes on hands and surfaces. Non-toxic, contain no harsh chemicals, and are a safe, convenient cleaning solution for any facility...
Brand: 2XL Model: LTXLL101
Recommended and endorsed by major equipment manufacturers and fitness chains. Clean, deodorize and disinfect. Surface safe, non-hazardous formula kills bacteria, viruses and fungi-safe for use on all surfaces including electronics and touch screens...
Brand: 2XL Model: LTXLL436
Soothing non-irritating, personal care body/baby wipe. Refreshing aloe vera and vitamin E infused wipe cleans and soothes skin. Perfect for use in daycares, hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities. PH balanced, hypoallergenic. No harsh chemicals. No parabens...
Brand: 2XL Model: LTXL470
Bacteria-killing sanitizing wipe for hands. Non-irritating, alcohol-free formula containing Vitamin D and glycerin cleans and sanitizes hands and skin...
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