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Quantity in Stock:: 56 Model: LDVOCB962082
Maxi-Plus Lobby Dust Pan with Rear Wheels, 13 x 35, 30" Handle, Plastic, Black, 6/Carton..
Quantity in Stock:: 27 Model: LDVOCB066155
Convenient split shape allows for dual positioning, letting you scrub baseboards and floors with one stroke. Curved head works to effectively scrub corners. Heavy-duty hygienic non-absorbent beige plastic block will not crack, warp, or mildew. Washable red polypro bristles prevent the spread of germ..
Quantity in Stock:: 375 Model: LIMP50128
One Gallon Jug, White..
Quantity in Stock:: 2265 Model: LESS762663
Angler Broom, 53" Handle, Yellow..
Quantity in Stock:: 1349 Model: LE5425957
Angler Broom, 53" Handle, Yellow, 12/carton..
Quantity in Stock:: 29 Model: LE5425956
Flagged Tip Poly Bristle Janitor Brooms, 10 X 58.5, Wood Handle, Natural/black, 12/carton..
Quantity in Stock:: 48 Model: LE5425968
Flag Tipped Poly Lobby Brooms, Flag Tipped Poly Bristles, 38" Overall Length, Natural/black, 12/carton..
Out Of Stock
Model: LD1229387
Polypropylene Dry Wipe Charging Bucket, 24 X 14 X 14, White, 12/box..
Quantity in Stock:: 27 Model: LE5425885
Pdc Hose Kit, 1/2" Hose Diameter, 6 Ft, Clear/green, 10 Kits/carton..
Quantity in Stock:: 1 Model: LE5432017
Body Fluid Spill Kit, Refill, 8.5" X 11.3" X 4.5", 2 Refills/carton..
Quantity in Stock:: 37 Model: LGOJ384101CLMS
Body Fluid Spill Kit, 4.5" x 11.88" x 11.5", One Clamshell Case with 2 Single Use Refills/Carton..
Quantity in Stock:: 548 Model: LDVO91351EA
Great for floors, under furniture and hard-to-reach corners. Washable, flagged-tip bristles sweep even the finest of particles and are unaffected by water, alkalies, acids, grease or oil and won't wear down, break or fall out. Solid bristle block means no chance of separation from shroud. Deeper thr..
Quantity in Stock:: 404 Model: LPGC437775
Poly Mesh Scrubbers, Blue, 3/pack..
Out Of Stock
Model: LPGC437779
Copper Scrubber, Copper, 3/pack..
Quantity in Stock:: 453 Model: LPGC437777
Ultra Steel Scrubbers, Gray/silver, 3/pack..
Quantity in Stock:: 2221 Model: LE5449714
Sprayer-On-A-Belt Spray Bottle Kit, 33 Oz, Gray/white/translucent..
Maxistrong Angle Broom, 56" Handle, Black, 6/carton
Out Of Stock
Model: LDVOCB064205
Heavy-duty reinforced steel thread, can't be broken. Washable, unflagged polypro bristles prevent ends from matting together from grease and grime. Extra thick sturdy metal handle will not crack, warp or splinter. Great for back-of-the-house use in food service. Low-profile shroud makes sweeping und..
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