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Perfectouch Paper Hot Cups And Lids Combo, 10 Oz, Multicolor, 50 Cups/lids/pack, 6 Packs/carton
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Model: LDXE5310CMB600CT
Combines PerfecTouch® cups and drink-thru lids in a single pack. The patented paper process provides excellent insulation and helps reduce the need for costly double-cupping or beverage sleeves...
Quantity in Stock:: 2 Model: LDXE5356CD
Patented paper process provides excellent insulation and helps reduce the need for costly double-cupping and beverage sleeves. Cup design provides a comfortable grip. Contains no polystyrene foam...
Quantity in Stock:: 186 Model: LE5429670
Everyday Disposable Dinnerware, Individually Wrapped, Bowl, 12 Oz, White, 500/carton..
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Model: LE5429671
Everyday Disposable Dinnerware, Wrapped In Packs Of 5, Bowl, 12 Oz, White, 5/pack, 100 Packs/carton..
Quantity in Stock:: 22 Model: LH3RP
Take-Out Barn One-Piece Paperboard Food Box, Basket-Weave Plaid Theme, 9.5 X 5 X 8, Red/white, 125/carton..
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Model: LDXE5342DX
Perfectouch Paper Hot Cups, 12 Oz, Coffee Haze Design, 25 Sleeve, 20 Sleeves/carton..
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Pathways Paper Hot Cups, 12 Oz, 50/pack..
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Model: LDXE2342PATH
Pathways Paper Hot Cups, 12 Oz, 50 Sleeve, 20 Sleeves/carton..
Out Of Stock
Model: LDXE5338CDPK
Perfectouch Paper Hot Cups, 8 Oz, Coffee Haze Design, 50/pack..
Out Of Stock
Model: LE5429632
Pla Hot Cups, 8 Oz, Viridian Design, 50/sleeve, 20 Sleeves/carton..
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Model: LAY552776
Pathways Paper Hot Cups, 8 Oz, White/green, 50/pack..
Out Of Stock
Model: LDXE2342WS
Pathways Paper Hot Cups, 12 Oz, 25/bag, 20 Bags/carton..
Quantity in Stock:: 7 Model: LESS766241
Pathways Paper Hot Cups, 8 Oz, 25/bag, 20 Bags/carton..
Quantity in Stock:: 134 Model: LE5429650
Perfectouch Paper Hot Cups, 12 Oz, Coffee Haze Design, Individually Wrapped, 1,000/carton..
Quantity in Stock:: 999 Model: LE5429659
Combo Pack, Tray With Clear Plastic Utensils, 90 Forks, 30 Knives, 60 Spoons..
Quantity in Stock:: 230 Model: LDXE434BX
Waxed paper sheets absorb grease and moisture well. They are sturdy, staying together and peeling cleanly from fresh foods. Convenient size for deli interleaving, which means fewer wasted sheets...
Quantity in Stock:: 28 Model: LGPC54510A
Countertop Napkin Dispenser, 13.25" X 7.18", Black..
Quantity in Stock:: 1170 Model: LDXED9542
Dixie® Dome Plastic Hot Cup Lids have a sip-through opening to help your customers enjoy hot beverages while helping protect against splashes. Use the condiment identifier to mark the coffee lid for easy identification. The WiseSize™ packaging offers efficiencies for your business, featuring a small..
Quantity in Stock:: 378 Model: LDXED9538
Dome design accommodates frothy hot drinks. Full-plug fit system secures lid to both the inside and outside of Dixie® compatible cups. Sip-through opening enables on-the-go enjoyment. Recessed top allows you to stack one lidded cup upon another...
Quantity in Stock:: 337 Model: LDXED9542B
Dome helps to prevent spills and splashing. Sip-through hole makes it easy to drink from while on the go...
Quantity in Stock:: 759 Model: LDXEFM217
Plastic Cutlery, Heavy Mediumweight Forks, White, 1,000/carton..
Out Of Stock
Model: LE5429723
Mediumweight Polypropylene Cutlery, Fork, White, 1,000/carton..
Quantity in Stock:: 256 Model: LDXEFM207
Plastic Cutlery, Heavy Mediumweight Fork, 100/box..
Quantity in Stock:: 1074 Model: LESS766320
Plastic Cutlery, Heavyweight Forks, White, 1,000/carton..
Out Of Stock
Model: LDXEFH517
Plastic Cutlery, Heavyweight Forks, Black, 1,000/carton..
Quantity in Stock:: 33 Model: LDXEFG18
Freezer paper fights freezer burn by blocking moisture. Unique formula helps paper cling to meat and makes wrapping easy on hands. The unique base paper is poly coated and has added plasticizer to protect against freezer burn while resisting punctures and tears...
Quantity in Stock:: 104 Model: LDXEKH017
Heavyweight polystyrene cutlery offers exceptional strength and rigidity—perfect for tough-to-cut foods like steak and chicken. Full-size dinner length and elegant design provides an upscale image, making these ideal for menus requiring performance and style...
Quantity in Stock:: 285 Model: LDXESH53C7
Sanitary, individually wrapped, heavyweight polystyrene utensils...
Quantity in Stock:: 125 Model: LDXEKM207
Plastic Cutlery, Heavy Mediumweight Knife, 100/box..
Quantity in Stock:: 177 Model: LDXEKH517
Plastic Cutlery, Heavyweight Knives, Black, 1,000/carton..
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