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Quantity in Stock:: 970 Model: LE5432237
Super Glue With Brush And Nozzle Applicators, 0.35 Oz, Dries Clear..
Quantity in Stock:: 611 Model: LE5430097
All Purpose Krazy Glue, 0.14 Oz, Dries Clear..
Quantity in Stock:: 1241 Model: LEPIKG94548R
The brush applicator provides excellent surface coverage that's easy to control on large surfaces and in hard-to-reach areas. Forms an instant, extra-strong bond. No-clog bottle. Dries clear...
Quantity in Stock:: 419 Model: LEPIKG98848R
Color Change Brush On Glue, 0.18 Oz, Dries Clear..
Quantity in Stock:: 1674 Model: LGOR7600101
An easy-to-use, thicker formula combined with a precision tip and large tube, so it's easy to apply with control and precision. Great for multiple surfaces and vertical applications...
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